New Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is constantly changing and developing. You should take a proactive approach and be aware of the main trends in digital marketing. If you don't follow the trends, you decrease the reach and number of mentions of your brand. You may ignore new marketing trends, but your target customers, like your rivals, are on their guard. When I don’t have time to study all new tendencies because of numerous assignments, I pay someone to write my research paper because it is necessary to set priorities if you want to succeed.

Shoppable posts

If earlier people had to use only websites to buy products or order some services, nowadays, they can do it right on a social network, for example, when you click on advertisements on Instagram. Shoppable posts are not new, but they have gained popularity since the launch of Instagram Checkout last year. About 56 % of users use them to monitor the products they want to buy. The goal is to reduce the number of steps required from the consumer to purchase. Thus, marketing right on social media reduces the likelihood of an unfinished purchase.


Since people want to get a tailored approach, brands have started using instant messengers or private messages on social networks to communicate with them. It is one of the most common digital marketing trends that focuses on optimized customer service and assistance when necessary. Thus, brands create closer ties with their clients. Moreover, such an approach creates a user-friendly environment since potential clients already know how everything works here. Brands believe that personal communication with their audience is effective for building relationships, whether it's about taking orders, handling complaints, or just chatting. The main condition here is that the client writes to you first, not vice versa. Well, if I want someone to write my essay, I send a request to order the service.


Micro-influencers have recently become more common and popular. A micro-influencer has a small audience and occupies a specific niche, in which, in fact, they are influential. At the same time, they are constantly communicating with their audience, and they don’t get so many offers, and it is another advantage. Besides, to be more accessible, micro-influencers often have a higher level of involvement than macro-influencers. Plus, since they have a small (but very valuable) audience, they devote more time to each follower. You can also notice that such bloggers represent a certain niche they have created.

Flawless and interactive email letters

When was the last time you read a text email or a newsletter? Yep, they have lost their effectiveness and popularity and have been replaced by amazing and well-thought emails with a designer fleur. Modern emails that meet the requirements of digital marketing trends, resemble a web page, and can boast of clickable buttons and other interesting features.

They impress users and improve conversion since they evoke a desire to click on a button and watch the images attached.

Sentimental analysis

To become the best version and improve their products and services, brands create small and interactive surveys to find out their clients’ opinions. You might have run into something like that on Instagram when you are asked to answer numerous questions to see the whole picture. There are many controversial opinions. Thus, a person may like the product in general, but one feature doesn’t suit them. Maybe the product is good, but it didn’t meet their expectations. Sentiment analysis includes data collection tools and algorithms that find mentions of your brand on the Internet and assess their sentiment.