The Innoviant Brand: Positioned for Acquisition.

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While we’re not saying that our award-winning branding for Innoviant (a spin off of Wausau Benefits) that we named, created the logo for and all the supporting digital marketing tools for, had anything to do with its profitable acquisition, it helped. Our work for this innovative company, in fact, has appeared on above the fold positions on numerous heath care websites since 2006. We wonder if it would have been quite so successful with a name like Pharmacy Benefits Incorporated or the old ProfitRX? While both names are highly descriptive, they failed to capture the innovation that Third Party Providers (TPAs) were requiring from their PBMs. Our name and logo worked together as lock-up to address this concern. With a successful acquisition of the brand by one of the largest health care companies in the world, the portmanteau “Innoviant” fit the bill.