Social Media

The Secret To Search

Pursuing a “search first” online marketing strategy makes social media essential. While this is a somewhat ironic pitch for pursuing social media, it’s the best one we’ve heard yet. Having an expanded presence on LinkedIn, for example, can boost your search results anywhere from 30-85% in a given 30 day time period. Linking your blog posts to your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages can do the same. Social media also helps you engage with your customers in a way your site simply can’t.

Facebook Marketing

We create Facebook Marketing strategies that allow certain demographics (typically 18-34, 35-55) to have their own “sounding board” for your brand. While it is not that typical to monetize Facebook conversations (despite popular pitches to the contrary), having a high “buzz density” on Facebook improves your results in search engines. Having Facebook as a conduit for blog content is key to any overall online strategy. Instagram and Instagram video can also be useful.

Tumblr & Twitter Marketing

Both of these micro-blogging sites complement your Facebook efforts. Facebook is the company brochure that people want to talk about, Tumblr is the occasional hallway conversation and Twitter is the elevator pitch. Looked at this way, Twitter is a useful platform for quick deals, short news and an adjunct for a really cool Vine.

LinkedIn Marketing

Over 60% of businesses have used LinkedIn (circa 2013) to increase sales. Today it serves as an unusually effective social network for content marketing and social posting. For this reason we favor generating short audio or video clips on your company, product offerings and brand story to build interest. As Facebook allows you to show your social “cocktail hour” side as a company, Linked In is the 9 to 5 “foot in the door” to get your company into better and bigger opportunities.

Pinterest & Google Plus

Pinterest,, Etsy and other growing online social platforms are great ways to promote products to women.  For many offerings these platforms can be useful but also  limited in their ability to affect search engine visibility or support high-end product lines.

We incorporate Google Plus into your online marketing plan primarily for its ability to improve your search results. It is not currently a particularly effective or efficient platform for community building or monetization.